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There are areas in Italy that surround asset sensitivity and experience passed down for generations. Perfect production chains that over time have become points of reference for those who, in the world, are looking for excellence. When it comes to socks, the district of Brescia since the post-war years has seen the rise and grow around Lake Garda the best companies in the industry.

This is where Loris Stori in 1949 created his company, aiming from the start to a goal: quality. And respect for the “Quality without compromise” is an imperative that still accompanies every moment of the company, which over the years has maintained the delicate steps craft, but has also innovated by investing in technology and diversifying the offer alongside designers famosi.Nata with the men’s socks, the Story Loris in the early 50s extends its production to hosiery infant and a child, and then complete its range with collections for women gaining a leadership in the luxury hosiery. Stockings followed by other projects underwear, sleepwear and beachwear 0-14, both with their own brand or with the brand La Perla, finally the men’s underwear and knitwear and children’s clothing.

From the autumn / winter 2015-2016 also Story Loris produces and distributes licensed collections of socks for women and men of La Perla.

Story Loris

Since 1949 the brand Story Loris is synonymous with stockings, tights and high quality accessories for men, women and children. Operating in more than 1.500 retail outlets, among the most prestigious in the world. Those who choose Story Loris chooses over sixty years of experience and quality.

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